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If you are here to understand how to build a new website I thank you right away for the interest. See, I’m not a computer scientist at all, but today, whether we like it or not, a little bit of familiarity with technology is necessary.

How to build a site? You have no idea how many steps I had to make to get up to this my The advice that friends and acquaintances can give you are many, different solutions. What I can do is tell about my experience, which is really minimal in this field.

Thanks to my classmate in high school (at the time the webmaster Submerged) I had a first site created in HTML, with free hosting. Ah, how far away are the times when the first emails were all with the same name! Out of curiosity and practicality, I started to understand a little more and, after the purchase of my first Macintosh laptop, I recreated the site with the integrated program iWeb (now obsolete), with the help of my partner Radio Antonio.

Today they are online thanks to the practical CSS language, on an Open Source platform, WordPress, growing continuously. There is so much to hack, but if you have a lot of things to say, well, I recommend it! What I can suggest is to think first about what you need. Make a scheme first on a blank sheet, you’ll see how it will be easier to create your site on the Web. Only after you choose the platform.

Maybe you just need an informative site. Today there is to indulge us, with many web companies that give the opportunity to create a beautiful site even mono-page. After that, when you have learned how to move (Home page, article, contacts etc.) you can start to develop your project. Each company provides similar tools. I had tried Wix and Weebly, all platforms free and very valid (a domain today costs a few euros per year). Depending on who you choose you can decide the layout/theme you prefer, the colours and the font that suit your style. Do you like the white pearl colour I have chosen as a backdrop?

You could start from a Social Network, but save your content in a hard drive, because one fine day you could lose them all (I no longer have my one on MySpace!). The social there I consider the windows of contemporary art, where the interactions have many criticalities. They give space to emotional outflows that, too often, become compromising. They create dependence and tend to radicalise us. I really hope they will improve in the future.

I realize that knowing how to express oneself well with writing takes time and effort, but it is important to engage, finding who, just as he knows how to listen, also knows how to read and interact with us here on the web.

And when you decide to open a blog?

Today is my birthday and I’ll announce that I’m launching a new project.

Thanks right now! 🎉😀


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