The song of the author

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What is the song of the author? It is certainly a different song, a song more committed, authentic, made by a single author, the one that puts the word in the centre, which seeks a sound, a voice, which aims at the construction of an active public.

In Italy, it developed in the years ‘ 60 in Genoa. He didn’t need a big stage to spread. The middle class could afford a culture to be enjoyed. Listening to the songs of the Reverberi, Bindi, Lauzi, De Andr√®, Paoli, Tenco, Bindi and Calabrese helped to express their feelings, to grow in a society in change.

The song of the author has disappeared today? The recent history of discography has shown that the summer songs, the pop-standard models dictated by multinationals are not sustainable. Many, too many artists “burnt” in this sense. I gave up “ready packages” to start to self-produce and spread my music, to understand what works and what not, autonomously, thanks to the web.

The song of authorship today is not dead, indeed. There are many authors who need an appropriate space to run their songs. A space without too much spotlight, excessive make-up, jury and ad-hoc clothes. Space where there is a participatory audience, aware of how abused marketing becomes false and compromising.

Once again, the word, the literature, will be our key to a qualitative leap in the artistic-musical sphere, for a new digital age of the song of the author.


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