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The project. The fateful word that is used when we put together something that has to stand up.

I tried to unite a few dots, things that motivate me, things that I feel I can commit myself to, things I can do. I graduated with a thesis on an independent bookstore. With pleasant surprise, I discovered many others in Italy. And there I would like to bring my new work.

I would do it on a trip, curious to know in person new bookies enthusiasts. If so many small realities of the genre continue to be born, something will mean. They are obstinate people, who raise the gain of creativity, people who know the value of reading. I want to keep spreading my music, too. I never thought of quitting. I may never be able to.

I will update you soon! In the meantime, who wants to deepen, can recover the research analysis on the library Limerick here.


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