Thank you!

ph. by Kim Stiver

Thank you is a word that means a lot more than appreciation. The sense of gratitude is a feeling of affection and thankfulness that we often forget in everyday life.

I will remember who supported this campaign, who encouraged me, hosted or who simply was close to me. Being proactive means facing a number of difficulties. A sustainable trail has had events that have gone very well and others a little less. Trains on time and trains delayed. Some unexpected and fatigue in front of the stairs and steep climbs… With the bike loaded with luggage, I assure you that the force of gravity is felt!

But it was 2 weeks of meetings and sharing, of passion and courage, of culture and humility. 2 weeks that I will carry in my heart forever.

I’m preparing all the rewards and soon everything will come!!



P.S. I have to protect the map from potential shocks… 😉

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