A sustainable way

A sustainable way is a short Book-EP to carry around, a double experience of listening and reading. It contains the hymn of the Cammino di San Tommaso, a song about sustainability (inspired by the Third Industrial Revolution of Jeremy Rifkin) and a poem by Giacomo Noventa put into music. The songs were recorded in acoustic and you can listen to them by scanning the QR codes present at the end of the chapters.

A sustainable way has been made possible thanks to crowdfunding on Eppela. It was also a train and bike trip to 9 independent bookshops in the main cities of Italy.

  • Lyrics, music and vocals: Alessandro Polloni
  • Recording, mixing and mastering: Antonio De Faveri, Alessandro Polloni, Studio Room (Monastier-Treviso Italy EU)
  • CoverArt: Ludovica Leonardi illustration (Milan Italy EU)