Discover Ireland with music

Discover Ireland with music.

Sooner or later I had to happen here. I was fortunate enough to get to know one of the greatest music-literary figures of Italy as Massimo Bubola (author of the famous Il cielo d’Irlanda, means Ireland’s Sky). I still remember with pleasure reading the book of Lucia Zorzi, Taccuini d’Irlanda, which I recommend to all the Italians who want to make a jump here.

I had postponed the urge to discover this homeland for too long. Ireland for me is synonymous with music. For the tradition of folk and literature that you find here in every corner of the country. I’m finishing up my first album of unpublished. I continue to travel thanks to CouchSurfing and Workaway. It is a sustainable way to discover new places and meet new people.

I still don’t realise how much beauty and culture I have around. Of course we in Italy as for panoramas we are accustomed well (in short, what about the Dolomites for example?), but here you can breathe an air of both nature and country. There is a spirit of strong brotherhood; It doesn’t seem to be in northern Europe at all. Ireland is another thing and it is giving me the necessary push to accomplish this new challenge. After Bright and A sustainable way, I want to give everyone an album of songs that can give me the necessary repertoire for a concert.

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