Name and surname: Alessandro Polloni
Home town: San Donà di Piave-Venezia


At 7 I begin to play the guitar, at 11 to write verses.

Teacher Flora has discovered my musical gift; My brother sent me a passion for Mark Knopfler.

I studied classical music for 7 years at the Monteverdi School in Musile di Piave-Venice (master Dino Doni). I improved the writing thanks to Massimo Bubola (courses Poem for Song 2003-4) and I took singing lessons from Angela Milanese (Paul Jeffrey School).

I spent childhood and adolescence in Northeast Italy. At the age of 17, I founded my first band together with my football partner Marco (he first-string with the number 10, I on the bench). 2 splendid years in the Venice district bars, singing my first songs live; but the group preferred to continue with rock-blues covers (I start to become aware of the singer-songwriter’s concern).

From 20 to 30 I lived in an irrational way, trying to write some good songs. To keep myself I have covered 9 positions between Venice and London (supermarket, wine cooperative, construction site, bar, ice cream shop, waiter, cleaning, security officer, sales assistant). It was a playful and sabbatical period, thanks to the trust of my employers. In the English capital, I grew up a lot (I played in the pub open-mics).

A sustainable way is my second artistic work (We are going to translate it in English soon).

In the first three years of secondary high school, I was at the scientific lyceum (not for me), then I switched to social sciences (3 wonderful years with 1 exchange in Denmark). I attended 1 year the Art University in Bologna and 2 years modern letters in Venice.

I spent my childhood and adolescence in Northeast Italy (I lived in London for 3 years, playing in the open-mic pub circuit; the capital continues to inspire me).

With Radio Ca’ Foscari I conceived the Italian music program Precious Words to Remember, conducting 21 monographic episodes on Italian songwriters, interviewing Massimo Priviero and Max Manfredi. At uni, I participated in theatre laboratories (Silvio Castiglioni).

I graduated (recovering from senior) in Cultural Heritage/Art Management (1 Erasmus in Music in University of Southampton), writing 1 thesis on Urban regeneration and Publishing (“The Independent library Limerick in Padua”, Monica Calcagno supervisor). I have followed 10 courses between marketing, entrepreneurship and Design Thinking (I continue to update) and I was one of the cultural mediators of the exhibition Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable by Damien Hirst.

I have 2 parents raised in the country: My father in France (grandparents emigrated and repatriated), my mother in a Venetian patriarchal family.

From June 2019 I start posting poems and other art things on Instagram (@pollonimusic).

In 2018 I made my first tour (show-case) in 9 independent libraries of the main cities of Italy, travelling from Venice to Naples by train and bike.

Bright is my first professional EP.

In addition to Bubola and Knopfler, my favourite artists are the singers of the years ‘ 60, Francesco De Gregori, many English and American artists of classic rock such as Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Rolling Stones, the grunge (Pearl Jam) and the recent neo-folk (Laura Marling, Mumford & Sons and many others).

I was involved in intercultural projects with the NGO Youth Action for Peace and I love to travel sustainably (Workaway, Couchsurfing). I travelled the Cammino di San Tommaso (313 Km Ortona-Rome) and I wrote the homonymous hymn. I participated in the Climathon 2018 in Venice.

…can’t wait to announce my next release!