Month: April 2018

My first crowdfunding

I studied the crowdfunding model, a sustainable economic model, which immediately involves those interested in a project. It’s a transparent way to see if an idea can work or not. With the strength of the group, you can achieve something that at the beginning may seem just a dream. I don’t hide the emotion for […]

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The song of the author

What is the song of the author? It is certainly a different song, a song more committed, authentic, made by a single author, the one that puts the word in the centre, which seeks a sound, a voice, which aims at the construction of an active public. In Italy, it developed in the years ‘ […]

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Listening & Reading

Listening and reading are experiences that require participation. You have to find a comfortable space and get active. They do not require much effort, indeed, they are pleasant experiences that give a good mood. You don’t need to listen to an album or read a book from start to finish. You can listen from one […]

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